What Is Happening in the Church of America The Greek lobby and the rival groups

Author: P. Panagiotou and Maria Antoniadou
Date Published: 07/04/1999
Publication: VIMA

A translation of the Greek article which appeared in the Athens newspaper VIMA:

The Ephraimites: Previously a monk of the Holy Mountain, Ephraim has gathered around him a group of faithful who literally drink “water in his name.” When the Ecumenical Patriarch in 1997 visited Arizona in the United States, he experienced an unexpected surprise. The magnificent welcome offered by Hegumen Ephraim at his monastery apparently shocked, rather than pleased, the Patriarch because the hundreds of women who had gathered to welcome him wore kerchiefs on their heads in cosmopolitan America. Similar kerchiefs were worn by all the young girls who had finished grade school. For Patriarch Bartholomew, who fights against fundamentalism, the specter was unexpectedly displeasing.